Skin conditions such as redness, comedones and dryness are often simply caused by the use of products that aren’t quite right for the individual’s skin type. They can also be triggered by applying too many products during cosmetics routines, so it is crucial to know and understand our own skin. Our skin is able to do almost everything it needs to in complete autonomy – we just need to give it the power to do so. Everyday choices such as washing, nourishing, protecting and making-up the skin need to be rethought and redesigned, but always keeping in mind that our skin just needs to be facilitated in order to do its job properly.
With this approach, MOST COSMETIC LINE has been designed specifically for sensitive skin, yet is suitable for all skin types.


The formulas within MOST COSMETIC LINE contain specifically selected ingredients, chosen carefully for their purity and tolerability. Each ingredient has its own unique function within the product formula, and the number of ingredients in any product is deliberately kept as low as possible, so that the skin comes into contact with only the most essential compounds. Wherever possible, raw ingredients are extracted from plant or mineral origins.


MOST COSMETIC LINE is innovative: every featured ingredient is active and has a specific function within the product. Many of MOST’s formulas are designed without water, creating products that are effective in maintaining the physiological balance of the skin. MOST is a forerunner of the modern ‘Skip Care’ method, which identifies only the essential ingredients needed by the skin and avoids anything superfluous, creating a beauty routine that is simple but just for each individual. In short, MOST COSMETIC LINE espouses fewer products, without sacrificing results, and a focus on quality rather than quantity.