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SKIN FLOODING: the latest trend for extreme skin hydration

What is Skin Flooding?

This is the latest trend on TikTok, involving ultra-hydration of facial skin. The name refers to a specific four-step layering routine aimed at boosting hydration for dry skin.

This routine commonly revolves around a key ingredient: hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can draw moisture from the deeper layers of the skin and the surrounding environment to the upper layers, where hydration is most needed.

Skin Flooding seems to be a good practice, especially at this time of the year when humidity drops and skin dries out more easily. Let’s explore further and understand if it’s a beneficial practice.

How to Do Skin Flooding?

TikTok skin influencers are clear: to correctly perform Skin Flooding, these steps must be followed precisely:

  1. Washing with a gentle cleanser: Cleaning is essential for better penetration of the products and ingredients to be applied later.
  2. First hydration: The next step is applying the first layer of hydration. It’s important not to create a “barrier” of product so that subsequent steps are absorbed by the skin.
  3. Use a hyaluronic acid serum: While the face is still damp to the touch, apply a water-based hydrating serum.
  4. Seal with an emollient moisturizing cream: To maintain hydration in the skin, the final step is to apply a moisturizing cream that acts as a seal and prevents trans-epidermal water loss.

What are the Risks?

The risk of seriously damaging the skin is low, but it’s important to keep in mind that layering too many products increases the risk of irritation. A decade-long retrospective study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, in fact, highlighted a significant increase in allergic and irritant contact dermatitis related to the excessive use of personal hygiene products.


A skincare routine like the one described could be excessive, especially considering that up to 100 different ingredients could be applied to the skin in those four steps. It’s impossible to predict which of them might cause an unwanted reaction, which is why many experts recommend as simple a skincare routine as possible.

What Do We Think?

We agree with the need to make the skin softer and more elastic through hydration. Certainly, the use of a gentle cleanser is more than recommended, and in this specific case, we have our Neutral pH Emollient Cleansing Base.

To achieve the flooding effect, the water present in the deeper layers of our skin must be drawn to the outer layers.

We do this through the application of a self-hydrating ointment product, capable of attracting water already present in the deep layers and bringing it to the surface. The components present in our Extreme Emollient Ointment, vegetable polyglycerines, attract and bind water and moisture in the skin, retaining it in the superficial layers, swelling the corneal layer, and making it soft and more relaxed.

The application should be done in the evening because the skin enters a phase of recovery and repair from light and negative stimuli of the day, such as atmospheric pollution, and is able to take full advantage of the applied product with the rest of the body.

Our opinion is, therefore, to limit the number of products applied to the skin to avoid risks related to the long-term effects of too many ingredients interacting with the skin.