What is solar erythema?

Solar erythema is inflammation caused by excessive exposure to sunlight or UV lamps. It causes the appearance of red patches on the sun-exposed skin and, in some cases, peeling (desquamation).

What are the causes of solar erythema?

Solar erythema is caused by the sun’s band of ultraviolet radiation (UVB) and not from the sun’s heat, or infrared rays). UVB rays attack and kill the epidermis’ keratinocyte cells, which then release many inflammatory substances onto the surface of the skin. The superficial blood cells in the area then dilate, causing redness and itchiness. Solar erythema becomes sunburn when blisters form on the skin.

How to treat solar erythema or sunburn

To relieve the symptoms of solar erythema or sunburn:

  • Apply Lenitive Cream to the affected area and massage until completely absorbed.
  • After inflammation has faded, the skin will be dry and flaky. Nourishing Cream should then be applied until all symptoms have subdued.

The following should not be used to treat solar erythema or sunburn: Cortisone-based products contain steroids that block the skin’s reparative process. Ice packs can cause ice burn. Home remedies such as lemon and other astringents can cause blistering .

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