MOST was founded in 2000 by biologist and researcher, Dr. Stefania Motta. Dr. Motta graduated in biological sciences in 1985, before going on to specialize in Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara, and then in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Milan. Dr. Motta has years of experience in teaching and research at the University of Milan’s Institute of Dermatology, and at the Istituto Clinico Humanitas’ Operative Unit of Dermatology, within the Translational Medicine Department. Building on these experiences and, with the collaboration of dermatology professionals and researchers, Dr. Motta decided to develop a revolutionary line of products to fill a gap in the market: solutions for those with sensitive skin and/or specific dermatological needs.

It started with the Dermatology Line, designed to help people who suffer from the most common skin conditions. Then came the Cosmetics Line, developed primarily for those who, having sensitive skin, often struggle to find cosmetic products suitable for everyday use.

The term most often associated with MOST is ‘indie’ (independent company): it is a completely autonomous, single-director company and is not affiliated with any other brand. All of MOST’s products are proudly Made in Italy.



MOST wants to revolutionize the approach to skin culture, both in everyday life and in the treatment of specific problems. Wherever possible, we believe in resolving skin conditions without the use of medicine. This is because the natural ingredients we select are enough to achieve the best treatment results. Our ingredients are always in their purest form and are added to formulas in the exactly right amount. MOST are pioneers in the modern Skip Care method by espousing the “Less is More” philosophy. This applies to both the number of ingredients within a product and the number of products an individual needs to use. No superfluous components are ever added to MOST products – the quality of the ingredients is our strong point and is guaranteed.



One of MOST’s principles is to operate with the utmost respect for the environment. Sustainable development is possible, which is why MOST constantly strives to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact. To date, a number of solutions have already been adopted, including:

  • Recyclable products with refill options
  • Partially waterfree products to contribute towards water conservation
  • Two-tone printed, varnish-free packaging
  • Non-foaming detergents for faster, more sustainable rinsing and cleansing
  • Packaging made from recycled material

Social Initiatives

MOST believes that engaging in social initiatives is an important way to assist the growth of new generations and to support those who have fewer opportunities. This is why MOST has decided to support the Ivo de Carneri Onlus Foundation, which helps fight against parasitic and infectious diseases in developing countries by supporting research, training and operations to promote socio-economic development.

Since 2019 MOST, has committed to donating the equivalent of € 1.00 to the foundation for every order received on this site.