What are calluses on the feet?

Calluses are thickenings of the skin that usually appear on the soles of the feet and between the toes. They are rough to the touch and contour the shape of the area on which they form. Calluses can be irritating and sometimes painful and can even affect an individual’s entire posture and way of walking.

What are the causes of calluses on the feet?

  • Calluses are a defensive mechanism of the skin and mainly form in reaction to intense pressure or friction occurring on the skin. The feet are often prone to calluses as they bear the weight of the entire body. Calluses can be irritating, especially if fissures appear near the affected area.
  • Calluses can also form as a result of disorders such as diabetes or syphilis,

and treatment of this type of callus is usually more problematic than those caused by friction alone.

How to treat calluses

Calluses must be treated by a professional podiatrist who can decide on the best treatment. Depending on the type of callus, the podiatrist will use scissors or gouges to thin out the thick skin or, will recommend insoles to reduce pressure on the calluses.

To thin and soften calluses at home, apply MOST’s micropeeling Glicocrema+ every day and massage well.

Avoid foot baths with softening salts or other similar remedies.

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