What are blisters?

Blisters are liquid-filled skin lesions. They are extremely common, particularly following intense sports activities, long walks or the use of shoes that do not conform to the shape of the foot. Blisters can form quickly and can be very uncomfortable.

How do blisters form?

Blisters form as the result of continuous rubbing and pressure between the skin and the inside of the shoe. This rubbing and pressure cause the bonds between the epidermis and dermis to break, forming a gap between the two compartments.
Fluid or exudate then collects in this space. Blisters can also develop due to sweating and humidity, as moist skin has a higher friction index than dry skin.
If the blister ruptures, it forms a particularly painful lesion. In some cases, this prevents the individual from wearing shoes, making walking very difficult.

What to do in case of blisters on the foot?

In the presence of broken blisters, you can apply PEG Balm, which helps to create a favourable environment for the physiological regrowth of the skin.

Prior to a lengthy sporting activity, or before wearing tight shoes, apply Lenitive Cream to the skin of the feet. Thanks to the mineral powders zinc oxide and magnesium silicate, Lenitive Cream:

  • absorbs moisture from the skin, keeping the foot dry.
  • allows the foot to move within the shoe more freely, preventing friction and blister formation


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