Ointment useful for facilitating the restructuring processes of the skin.

PEG Ointment is able to absorb excess moisture and create a skin environment conducive to the regrowth of healthy skin.

Nickel Tested <1ppm.

100 ml

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PEG Ointment contains a mixture of PEG, compounds with a high capacity to absorb water and exudates, which prevent bacterial colonization and help create a favorable environment for the natural skin repair process.
The ointment also contains Allantoin, a natural substance with hydrating, softening and healing properties with a stimulating action on tissue repair.

The ability of the Ointment to absorb excessive moisture from the skin also makes it ideal as a cosmetic adjuvant in the treatment of Atopic Dermatitis, with the aim of promoting desquamation and the normal process of cell regrowth.

Nickel Tested <1ppm.

Ingredient properties

PEG-6: absorbent and softening
PEG-32: absorbent and softening
Allantoin: softening, calming, aids cell regeneration, healing
PEG-90: binds and viscofies

Suitable for

– Fissures
– Ragadi
– Domestic burns
– Injuries following instrumental or physical interventions
– Ulcers and bedsores
– atopic skin

Instructions for use

WHEN? As needed.

HOW MUCH? In tiny quantities.

HOW? Apply to the area to be treated and rub in lightly.

Do not cover the dressing, or else apply cotton gauze that does not impede perspiration.


100 ml tube with screw cap.