Hydroalcoholic Astringent Gel with Aluminium Chloride.

Soothes itching and swelling in the event of:

  • jellyfish stings
  • mosquito bites
  • bee and wasp stings

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Aluminium Chloride, the active ingredient in Gel Astringente, is a powerful astringent, anti-itching and antimicrobial, so its applications in the dermatological field are many, some of the main ones being:


It acts by neutralising the toxins released by the jellyfish, stopping the burning and itching.

Mosquitoes, Bees, Wasps and Insects

It quickly relieves itching, pain and burning in the case of insect bites and stings, e.g., from mosquitoes, wasps, bees and ticks, by preventing scratching from causing skin infection.
When applied immediately after the bite/sting, it prevents swelling from forming.

Alluminium Chloride and Alcohol are also used to absorb water and skin exudates by drying blisters or boils and to control excessive sweating in the hands and feet.

Nichel Tested.

Ingredient properties

Water: dispersant
Isopropyl Alcohol: increases absorption
Aluminium Chloride: astringent, anti-itch, anti-perspirant, antibacterial
Hydroxyethylcellulose: gelling and skin conditioning agent

Suitable for:

– Jellyfish stings
– Mosquito and insect bites, bee and wasp stings
– Hyperhidrosis of hands and feet
– Labial herpes
– Chickenpox and Zoster

Instructions for use

WHEN? As needed, even several times a day.

HOW MUCH? As required, depending on the disorder. Minimal amounts in mosquito bites, more abundant in jellyfish stings.

HOW? Rub in thoroughly.


50 ml tube with Flip-top cap.