LipLap lip balm emollient, plumping and with self-hydrating action with Hyaluronic Acid.

Perfect as an everyday lip balm, suitable for all types of lips. Also suitable for children.

The formula contains no preservatives or antioxidants and is also free of mineral oils and animal fats.

Nichel Tested <1ppm.

4 ml

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Liplap is an emollient, self-hydrating lip balm that uses the water already present in the skin to restore shine and softness to the lips.
In addition, it protects against weathering.

Ideal in an everyday beauty routine, perfect for all lip types and even for children.

The innovative formulation is based on:

  • Polyisobutene, an emollient of 100% vegetable origin, capable of retaining water on the lips.
  • Hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient with a moisturising and plumping effect.

It does not contain water. It is free of preservatives, vegetable or animal fats, vaseline and fragrances.

Nichel Tested <1ppm.

Ingredient properties

Hydrogenated Polyisobutene: with emollient properties
Diglycerin: humidifies and moisturises
Polyglycerin-6: moisturising, humidifying, and plasticising
Glyceryl Behenate/Eicosadioate: softening, soothing
Lauroyl Lysine: lubrifying, emollient, softening
Sodium Hyaluronate: plumping, attracts water to the skin and reduces dryness

Suitable for

– blemishes related to Atopic Dermatitis
– dry and chapped lips
– daily beauty routine

Instructions for use

WHEN? As needed, even several times a day.

HOW MUCH? In tiny quantities.

HOW? Spread the product on the lips with the applicator.


Convenient and practical Twist Pen, to carry everywhere you go!
Soft silicone applicator with 45° cut for perfect application on the lips.
Manual trigger mechanism for exact dosing. 900 shots per 4 ml, about 0.0045 ml per shot.
No more product wastage, this pack is capable of dispensing 100 per cent of the product contained.