What is tinea cruris?

Tinea cruris (also known as groin mycosis or ‘jock itch’) is one of the most frequent forms of mycosis. It primarily affects men and causes redness that starts in the groin crease, before usually spreading to the inner thigh.

What are the causes of tinea cruris?

Tinea cruris is triggered by moisture residue in the groin fold after washing, swimming or not immediately changing damp swimwear.
Tinea cruris is very common among athletes, hence the name ‘jock itch’. Some causes of tinea cruris in athletes are wearing clothes made from synthetic fibers, frequent washing, and use of communal showers.
Cyclists are particularly prone to tinea cruris, as a result of the many hours spent on a bicycle, where sweat creates a hot, humid environment in the groin region.

How to treat tinea cruris


  • Apply 2S Cream once a day to the affected area until the redness disappears. This should take no more than a week.

Apply 2S Cream before long workouts at the gym or before using communal showers.

Wash with Eudermic Washing Base, a gentle cleanser which helps to protect the skin.

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