What is irritation from hair removal?

Any kind of hair removal of the legs – whether by razor, by waxing, by depilatory cream, or by laser – inevitably causes skin irritation. Hair removal irritation can provoke reactions such as itching or burning.

What does irritation from hair removal look like?

Symptoms include:

  • the appearance of red bumps on the skin;
  • sensation of severe burning or itching;
  • redness
  • in severe cases, bacterial folliculitis.

Individuals with sensitive skin are especially prone to these consequences following hair removal. While these symptoms do cause physical and aesthetic discomfort, they are usually superficial and will go away relatively quickly.

How to treat irritation from hair removal

To help skin return to normal and to relieve symptoms, apply the anti-inflammatory, astringent Lenitive Cream. Lenitive Cream is fragrance-free and contains no petroleum jelly. Thanks to its active ingredients including zinc oxide and magnesium silicate, Soothing Cream provides immediate relief to the affected area.

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