What is dry skin on the feet?

Dry skin on the feet is a widespread problem for both women and men, and can be particularly bothersome for older people. In addition to creating aesthetic discomfort, dry skin can cause physical pain if left untreated and, in some cases, can result in complications that may cause serious damage to the skin. It is therefore important to take care of the feet to prevent dry skin.

What does dry skin on the feet look like?

Dry skin on the feet often includes:

  • the presence of large cracks and flaking
  • the thickening of the skin
  • calluses and fissures
  • discolouration

What are the causes of dry skin on the feet?

Dry skin is often caused by friction from shoes rubbing against the bones of the foot. It can also be caused by the use of harsh products on the skin. In addition to being particularly bothersome for elderly people, dry skin on the feet can also be problematic for those with diabetes or vascular anomalies. Like that of the hands, the skin of the feet is also sensitive to seasonal fluctuations and will usually become drier during the winter months or prolonged exposure to cold weather.

Finally, dry skin can also be caused by genetic factors.

How to treat dry skin on the feet

How to treat dry skin on the feet

  • Use Eudermic Washing Base, which cleanses the skin while maintaining it’s natural oils
  • Apply Glycocream+ in the evening after washing and drying. Massage well until absorbed.

Should the dryness be particularly severe or in the case of pathological conditions, apply Emollient Ointment Extreme to the feet every evening.

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