What are wounds?

Wounds are lesions of the stratum corneum and can be superficial (abrasions and grazes), or deep (e.g. cuts). Bleeding may accompany wounds depending on their severity. Wounds can be caused accidentally in cases of trauma, or following surgical procedures.
The most common wounds occur after accidents involving sharp, pointed objects in the home or work environment.

How to treat wounds

Following an injury that causes a wound:

  • wash the wound well
  • allow bleeding to occur

Wounds tend to repair themselves over time but to promote healing and prevent infection, they should be dressed.

How to dress a wound

  • Soak a cotton gauze in PEG Balm and apply to the wound.

The cotton gauze stops the wound becoming contaminated, while the PEG Balm absorbs exudate, preventing bacterial growth and encouraging healing. Secure the gauze in place with elastic tubular netting, which allows the skin to breathe throughout the healing process.
The gauze and PEG Balm dressing should be changed once or twice a day until the wound has fully healed.

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