What are chapped hands?

Chapped hands are very common during the winter season. In this period, the skin undergoes changes, mainly due to increased exposure to the cold. Cold weather exposure triggers vasoconstriction, where the skin vessels narrow to reduce blood circulation in order to maintain core heat. As a result, the skin of the hands can become dry and chapped. When this happens, the affected skin is less nourished and finds it difficult to produce the fats it needs to moisturize itself. Chapped hands are a common ailment for individuals who work outdoors or who have to wash their hands frequently. Chapped hands in women and children can also provoke itchy, red patches in addition to all over dryness.

How to treat chapped hands

When outside in cold weather, wear gloves as often as possible to protect the hands. Avoid over-washing the hands. When washing, use as little water as possible and cleanse with Eudermic Cleansing Base instead of more aggressive soaps.
After washing and drying the hands, apply a small amount of Extreme Emollient Ointment to each hand and massage well. Extreme Emollient Ointment will be slightly greasy when first applied, but this sensation will disappear when fully massaged into the skin.

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