What is radiation dermatitis?

Radiation dermatitis, or radiation burn, appears in the targeted area during external beam radiation cancer treatment.

What does radiation dermatitis look like?

Radiation dermatitis causes severe redness in the affected area, often accompanied by itching, burning and pain.

What causes radiation dermatitis?

To reach the targeted internal tumor, radiation therapy delivers radiation through the skin. Inevitably, the skin cells in this area are affected by the rays and many are actually destroyed, which releases inflammatory substances onto the surface of the skin.

How to treat radiation dermatitis

To soothe skin symptoms:

  • Applying PEG Balm with allantoin, which creates a favourable environment for skin regrowth
  • By using Eudermic Cleansing Base for washing, this cleansing cream is able to clean without drying out the skin.

Moisturising creams that are poorly tolerated by the skin in the suffering phase of radiodermatitis.

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